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From the ‘Unfinished book’

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to the light

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NotThisBody Shares….Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra @ Bataclan, Paris

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“…when I was a little boy I believed in God so much that I would lie in bed and uhhh…like just pray for him to take me away.

Then I stopped believing in God when I was a little older, a little older, all i believed in was doing a lot of drugs and walking around all night, all over, all night, all over.

As an adult, there are still things that I found when I was walking around on drugs that I’m still running away from and there’s still some I’m running towards.”

– Efrim Menuck

Part I

Take these hands and throw them in the river.
God Bless our Dead Soldiers
Black Waters Blowed/Engine Broke Blues
Microphones in the trees
Horses in the Sky

(69:18 min, 192 kbps, mono mp3 – 95.4mb)

Part II

There Is A Light
I Built Myself A Metal Bird, I Fed My Metal Bird The Wings of Other Metal Birds
One Million Died to Make This Sound

(56:11 min, 192 kbps mono mp3, 77.1mb)

{thanks to FPF}

NotThisBody Directors’ Showreel

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NotThisBody attended Power to the Pixel, a 2 day conference in London on the future of film financing, production, and distribution, with the intent of examing and brainstorming new business models for independent film.

Videos will soon be put up online of the whole festival, but NTB made recordings of the first day of lectures.  All files are mono MP3s from Rapidshare.  Most are only about 15-20 min long, but there’s a few longer.  And watch your ears for the audience claps at the beginning and ends 🙂  Stars denote what we really liked.

Here’s the list.

1. Introduction by Liz Rosenthal – Director, PTTP *****

Gives an overview of what the entire conference is about.

2. Should We?  Could We? Would We?  Film in the age of Cross-Media Production – Christy Dena ***

3. Fractured Audiences – Alex Johnson

4. The New Exhibitors (in 3 parts) – Michael Gubbins (editor, Screen International)

4a.  – Brian Newman (President, Tribeca Film Institute)

4b.  – Cay Wesnigk (Founder, Onlinefilm.org)

4c.  – Sara Pollack (Manager Film & Animation, Youtube)

Fabio Lima (Founder, MovieMobz) ******

Plus Discussion ******

Discussion is probably most interesting part.  You also see YouTube’s view of the future of filmmaking mapped out very clearly.  They’re all about using advertising to support filmmaking.  But filmmaking didn’t always need to be supported by ads.  NTB is for finding an alternative that does not base itself off of ad-support, though we do not fully discount the value of it.  Also, Fabio Lima’s MovieMobz is really a damn good one.  We’d like to see this start up in the states.

The New Cross-Platform Financiers: Audiences, Sponsors, and Brands

5a – Slava Rubin speaks about the Filmocracy (Co-Founder, IndieGoGo) ******

This is a great model for raising money for films.  As a friend pointed out, it really depends on the idea’s ‘stickyness’ or really how much it interests, stimulates, an audience.  also really depends on your perks system.  but NTB is very interested in exploring this model.

5b – Adam Erlebacker (Co-Founder, PlaceVine)

PlaceVine is a service that matches brands with content as closely as possible.

6.  Distribution Case Study: We are the Strange – M dot Strange

One guy, in his bedroom, who made an animated feature film and gained a fanbase worldwide and made enough money to make his next one.  After getting into Sundance, getting a sales agent, a distributor, and representation, he fired all of them and distributed his film himself.  Entertaining speaker.

7.  Distribution Case Study: Steal This Film – Jamie King ******

Jamie King is passionate about what he believes.  It’s great to hear him argue his ideas about how films should be released for free through the torrent community, etc.  He’s definitely worth a listen.

8.  A New Model for Discovery and Distribution: From Here to Awesome – Lance Weiler ******

Lance is one of the pioneers of new film business models.  He’s involved with DIY DAYS and FH2A.  Hollywood is hiring him as a consultant and lapping up what he has to say.

9.  Collaboration: A Case Study – Arim Crumley ******

Another must hear.  Co-Director of the film “Four Eyed Monsters”.  Really started inventing DIY distribution as they went with this film, and set the stage for many interesting ideas.  Gotta hear him speak.

10.  Audience Takes Control – A Discussion *******

A conversation with M dot Strange, Timo Vuorensola, Jamie King, Lance Weiler and Arin Crumley.  A must hear.  Some very interested things brought up here.

The videos should be up online soon for both Day 1 and Day 2, but in the meantime you can check out the videos from last year’s conference HERE.